Thursday, January 12, 2012

Choosing the Best Electronic Cigarettes

Finding the best electronic cigarettes for any one person will differ, in a similar fashion as to why the best shoes for any one person differs. This is all due to what someone is looking for out of their electronic cigarette, there are certain requirements for each individual that cannot be easily addressed by one unit alone. Some points to consider when it comes to choosing the right electronic cigarette are the following attributes: weight, size, battery life, cartridge type and capacity, throat hit, reliability, and the accessibility of accessories and replacement parts. Many of these attributes are directly related to each other such as size, weight and battery life.

One's choice in electronic cigarette is largely based on how much they used to smoke, as heavier smokers will require larger or more units to satisfy their need for nicotine. The best electronic cigarettes for heavy smoker would be to get a larger unit that has a large battery that will last at least a whole day's worth of vapor. Along with a large battery a heavy smoker would largely benefit from the selection of an electronic cigarette that uses a tank system rather than a cartridge system, as tanks carry far more e-liquid. Another way to alleviate the problem if having a large unit is not suitable is to have multiple electronic cigarettes or spare batteries and cartridges on hand, as well as a battery charger just to make sure.

Light to causal smoker; those who only smoke socially up to around a half a pack a day have a far larger selection of electronic cigarettes to choose from as capacity and battery life are not as big of a concern as with heavy smokers. The best electronic cigarettes for light smokers would most probably be a small light unit that closely resembles a normal cigarette. These small units emulate a real cigarette to such a degree that they actually may be mistaken as regular cigarettes to the common bystander. These are ideal for light smokers as they provide the most real feeling of having a cigarette, although battery life in these units is extremely limited; this should be of no concern to a light smoker who may not even finish one in a singe day.

When it comes to finding the best electronic cigarettes one must do some research into the proper model that is most suited to one's tastes and requirements.

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