Sunday, January 15, 2012

51 Electronic Cigarette Review - Stop Smoking With This Powerful Technique

51 Electronic Cigarette Review

The sad truth is that for many smokers the thought of actually being smoke free seems like a pipe dream. Try as they might it seems like that will never actually be able to quit cigarette smoking. Stop thinking that way people! Quitting smoking does not have to be that big of a challenge. The secret to a smoke-free life lies within selecting the right smoking cessation technique.

Too many smokers get hung up on the addiction to nicotine. They tell themselves they are just too addicted to nicotine to ever quit smoking. Let me ask you a simple question. Do you believe that someone who starts smoking again after being smoke-free for a year did so because they were physically addicted to nicotine?

The answer is no, their physical addiction to nicotine passed long before they lit up that cigarette. The physical addiction to nicotine actually passes with a week or two after you quit smoking. But just about every smoking cessation aid you hear about focuses on the addiction to nicotine and how you must conquer it if you ever want to stop cigarette smoking.

Even people who do manage to stop smoking by using the patch or a smoking cessation medication may never actually "feel comfortable" as a non-smoker. They walk a tightrope always afraid the next stressful event in their life will through them off into the smoking abyss. Or maybe they avoid certain friends or social situations they are afraid may be one of their "triggers." They never feel "right" as a non-smoker because they failed to address the true addiction to smoking. 51 Electronic Cigarette Review

The addiction I am speaking of is the psychological addiction to smoking. It is true; the habit of smoking results in a dual addiction. It consists not only of the physical addiction to nicotine, but more powerful psychological addiction to smoking. This psychological addiction manifests itself in the cravings to smoke. And for many people who quit smoking using methods that address the physical addiction to nicotine continue to experience these cravings for years after they initially quit.

But there is a way to give up cigarettes that specifically addresses the psychological cravings to smoke. People who use this smoking cessation technique go on to live smoke-free lives comfortably, free of the cravings to smoke. The technique I am speaking of is NLP, or Neuro Linguistic Programming.

NLP is a powerful for of hypnotherapy that specifically addresses the subconscious urges to smoke. It removes these mental cravings making the process of becoming smoke-free very easy. It results tend to be permanent too because, once again, it works by removing the mental cravings for cigarette smoking. Stop smoking experts have been using NLP techniques for a long time with great results. 51 Electronic Cigarette Review

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