Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Truth Behind Electronic Cigarette Reviews


Which are the best electronic cigarettes on the market? With so much choice out there and the claims made in the reviews, are they true, or just the companies themselves writing the reviews in order that you pick their product to make them money? We look into this further to shed some light on the mixed messages and the truth behind the reviews on the internet.

Health Messages

Lets start with the health messages that some electronic cigarette suppliers try to get across. Do they actually help you quit smoking? Well this question and all questions concerning these devices are a matter of opinion, as there has been no real neutral, non biased survey conducted. This is mainly because the suppliers do not have the capital to sanction such a study, and if they did the results may hurt them. The big cigarette companies would never sanction such a study as it is not in their interest. So to answer this question is very difficult, you can only try yourself or ask an honest friend what they thought. My personal experience, no, it did not help me quit smoking, but the sensation of smoking an electronic cigarette is almost as good as smoking a traditional cigarette but still not the same. So I guess my opinion of this question is the same as other quit smoking devices, if you have the will power to quit in the first place then possibly these products may help, if your looking for a replacement, then no these products will not help. Of course other people will have different opinions, but that's life.

Are they Healthier?

The next question to be answered is, are electronic cigarettes a healthier alternative? Well this has sparked interesting debates between the suppliers and most importantly the FDA in the USA. Again for the same reason as above no real independent study has been conducted, but a number of small studies have. They found that in normal cigarettes there are thousands of chemicals that can do harm to your health, and in electronic cigarettes the number is substantially reduced, mainly because you are smoking water vapour as opposed to inhaling fumes and smoke. The FDA have ruled that the suppliers cannot advertise that they are healthy or that they help you quit smoking. My personal opinion on this is that until a number of years have gone by and there is an increase in a particular disease with the majority or increased numbers of people diagnosed are users of electronic cigarettes, we will never know. Yes they have far less chemicals, but is that any better, could it be wors e due to the combination of less chemical maybe having a worse effect, we do not know, so don't think for one moment that switching to an electronic cigarette will increase your life expectancy.

Electronic Cigarette Reviews

So lets move onto the reviews that are out their from so called independents giving their own opinions about electronic cigarettes. Don't be fooled!! They, like me, are probably affiliates and will offer you discount codes if you decide to buy after reading the wonderful, honest review! Or they may give you a link to click to see the product in more detail to help you decide. This is advertising, and each of the reviews offering such things are known as affiliate marketers, you enter their code into the shopping basket and get 10, 15 or 20% off and they make a commission on the sale. An example of this is with the eSmoke company, they give all their affiliates a discount code like "disc10-1234" the last few digits, in this case 1234 is the affiliate number, hence they know who they need to pay to thank them for the sale! So are their reviews going to be honest and real, well I maybe a syndic but not exactly, unless the site is a forum of some kind. The website owners can c hoose which reviews they display, so I would always take these with a pinch of salt. If however you do want an honest review, and someone who is upfront, then I suggest you look at the best electronic cigarettes website, where they only look at the top brands, but are completely neutral, as they don't care which company you go with, as they will get the same from whoever you decide!

I hope this was helpful and shed some light on the wonderful world of electronic cigarettes, please let me know your experiences from the sites listed above.

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