Saturday, December 3, 2011

Review of the Electronic Cigarette by the Doctors Show

If you have seen the TV show, "The Doctor's" then you have recently seen the segment on the Electronic Cigarette. This segment was geared towards the top 10 health trends of 2009 reviewed by some of the top Doctors in the United States and one in particular, Dr. Travis Stork. The show is held by a panel of highly accredited Doctors that review products, give health tips, and voice their opinion to consumers across the nation.

One of the products reviewed on a recent segment from the TV show, "The Doctors" was the electronic cigarette. This segment was outlining the top ten 2009 health trends from consumers. This is what the cigarette smokers on the show said about the electronic cigarette- The electronic cigarette is a healthy alternative to smoking cigarettes. How it is a healthy alternative is due to the electronic cigarette battery and atomizing device and its functionality. There is a liquid nicotine electronic cigarette cartridge that gets atomized using a charged battery that converts the liquid nicotine into a water vapor that is inhaled. Once inhaled the water vapor is exhaled just like a cigarette imitating the look of actual smoke in a white cloud form. The health benefits are astronomical when you look at what is in an actual cigarette compared to that of an electronic cigarette.

An actual cigarette contains over 4,000 chemicals including arsenic ( a poison), acetone (used in nail polish removers), cadmium ( car battery fluid), methane (petroleum gas), and many more deadly carcinogens that lead to many different forms of cancer. When compared to the electronic cigarette, there are ZERO carcinogens (cancer causing agents) that are in an electronic cigarette. These deadly chemicals can be eliminated and lead consumers to a healthy lifestyle without the "cancer stick" that are depleting the lives across the World.

"Not only is the electronic cigarette a healthy alternative," claims one of the consumers, "it is cheaper than the price of traditional cigarettes. The price to refill the cartridges of the electronic cigarette can save consumers hundreds, even thousands of dollars in a year. If the Marlboro flavor is the flavor of choice for your refill cartridges, then you can chose those as a replacement or you can go the route of flavored electronic cigarette cartridges including, strawberry, orange, cherry, pineapple, apple, and mint. You can find many different flavors on as well as an informational video going over the electronic cigarettes starter kits and has they work.

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