Friday, December 9, 2011

Ecigarettes – A Modern Twist

Smoking is a pleasure that mankind has enjoyed for very long time. For smokers the pleasure is becoming harder and harder to come by these days. The restrictions placed on where you can smoke are getting tighter all the time. The days of lighting up whenever you wanted are long gone. Even outdoor public places are off limits in a lot of communities. Add to that the sky high tax that most states have attached to tobacco products and you have an activity that costs an arm and a leg that you can't do anywhere anyway. Ecigarettes turn all that around.

An ecigarette allows you enjoy the taste and relaxation that nicotine can give you without ever having to take a single puff of smoke. A lot of people who have tried electronic cigarettes will not go back to their old brand of smoke. The ability to enjoy them anytime you want is only one of the benefits of ecigs. Since they produce any smoke, you can use them in places where smoking has been banned. Instead of smoke you get a vaporized liquid that is cleaner and better tasting than smoke. There is no odor from the vapor either.

The smoke from cigarettes carry harmful carcinogens to anyone around that happens to breathe in the second hand smoke. The atomized vapor from an ecigarette has none of that. They will also not cause your teeth or fingers to discolor. Ecigs can be filled with liquid that ranges from heavy nicotine to nicotine free and many levels in between. That also come in flavors that regular cigarettes just cannot match. The little light that lights up on an electric cigarette gives the feeling of smoking but without a dangerous flaming ember to worry about. They simply do everything that older cigarettes do only better.

The cost of smoking has gone through the roof in the last few years. Fortunately, ecigarettes have their older brethren beat on that front too. Refillable cartridges for ecigs are much cheaper than a pack of cigarettes. If you want to refill your own the savings are even greater. With the look and feel of traditional cigarettes but without a lot of the hassle associated with them, ecigarettes are a modern take on an old favorite. They have improved on the things people love about smoking without most of the drawbacks that go along with it.

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