Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Best Alternative To Smoking The "Ecigarette"

Statistics show there are over 4.5 million tobacco users in the US alone. By 2025, there would be over 1.6 billion users worldwide if this trend continues.

This is a staggering amount of tobacco users with annual health cost reaching into the billions every year due to smoking related diseases. Despite gallant efforts by health organizations and the federal government to heighten awareness of the dangers of smoking, the smoking population continues to increase at an alarming rate.

Focus needs to shift from trying to get smokers to quit, to offering an alternative. The best alternative in existence today are electronic cigarettes more commonly known as "ecigarettes".

An electronic cigarette is an alternative to smoked tobacco products such as cigarettes, cigars and pipes. It is a smokeless battery powered device that provides inhaled doses of nicotine by delivering a vaporized propylene glycol/nicotine solution. This vapor provides a flavor and all the physical sensations of inhaled tobacco smoke, while no smoke, tobacco or combustion is actually involved in its operation.

An electronic cigarette usually takes the form of an elongated tube, and most are designed to resemble real smoking products like cigarettes, pipes and cigars. They are reusable devices with replaceable and refillable parts. A number of manufacturers have developed a disposable version as well, making the action of smoking and throwing it away more realistic.
When a smoker inhales through the device, air flow is detected by a sensor which activates a heating element that vaporizes a nicotine solution stored in the mouth piece. On some models equipped with an LED light, the LED light is activated during the inhalation process simulating the glow of actual burning tobacco. While electronic cigarettes take many forms, they are all comprised of the same basic components.

The mouth piece or cartridge is a disposable cup affixed to the end of the tube. Inside the cup is an absorbent material that is flavored with the nicotine solution producing the desired flavor. These flavors vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, and typically include tobacco, menthol, or cherry flavors to name a few. These cartridges are also available in different nicotine strengths which varies from 16mg to 0mg depending on manufacturer.

The heating element called the atomizer, vaporizes the liquid in the mouth piece so it can be inhal ed. Most of these devices use lithium batteries as its power source that can be recharged via a wall unit or USB port on your computer. Some makers have become very creative and innovative, and actually produce chargers in the form of the 'ecigarette' pack which allows you to charge your batteries while you're on the go.

There are excellent statistics coming out of the electronic cigarette industry, proving the use of these devices emits only about 20 harmless ingredients, as compared to the 400 ingredients, 60 of which are extremely deadly from traditional tobacco products, ingredients such as carbon monoxide an other carcinogens.

Like any other tobacco related product, there are manufacturing and labeling guidelines that minimizes access to this device by minors. The threat of it being available to our youth population is almost non existent because of the need to produce ID when purchasing, just like you would if purchasing traditional tobacco produc ts.

The "ecigarette" is the hope to averting deaths from the prolonged use of tobacco products. It is the best alternative being offered to the tobacco smoking population if used prudently. By encouraging the use of these devices, the success rate of converting tobacco users will be much greater.


The 'stop smoking' effort is working to a point. Many people will try to stop smoking at least 6-8 times during their lives. 45% of these people quit for one day. Go to for useful information on the electronic cigarette industry and the difference this innovative device is making.



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