Friday, December 16, 2011

Avoiding Problems with Replacement ECigarette Batteries

It's very difficult to get a good look at some items online. Electronic cigarette batteries are among these items. The threads on the end of replacement ecigarette batteries vary considerably from manufacturer to manufacturer. In some cases, there are considerable size differences in the diameter of the threads. In others, you may find that the threading fits to the cartomizer completely differently between one manufacturer and the next. There's an obvious way to avoid problems with this.

You should, first and foremost, only order replacement ecigarette batteries from your original manufacturer. The same size and coupling method concerns that apply to cartomizers apply to chargers and other accessories. You may find that a different manufacturer's batteries will accept your cartomizers, but you may also find out that you have no way of charging the battery. This can create a very frustrating situation, obviously, and it may end up being a situation where you was te money.

Replacement ecigarette batteries are not all the same in terms of their electrical specifications. There are different voltages used in some devices and there is a tremendous variety among the types of switches used to activate the devices. The designs that don't have a button activated power supply have pressure switches that are activated when you draw on the cartomizer. If the battery and the cartomizer don't line up properly, you may have a very hard time getting that switch to activate. This is another reason to make sure that you stick to using cartomizers and batteries from the same manufacturer.

There are some very advanced devices out there that take replacement ecigarette batteries that will not fit any other device. If you're looking around and the picture doesn't seem to be of something that would fit your device, even if the specifications say it would, you may want to avoid buying it. There are many designs out there and you may not be getting anything remotely compatible with the vaporizer you use.

Replacement batteries usually don't have to be purchased very often. The battery technology used today is incredibly reliable compared to what was available even a few decades ago and e-cigarettes have benefitted from this. Make sure, however, that your e-cigarette battery is from the same manufacturer as your cartomizers. If you don't, you may end up being deprived of the enjoyment of a great e-smoke!

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