Sunday, November 6, 2011

Try an Electronic Cig From Ecig, Gamucci, or Epuffer-Electronic Cigs are the Newest Craze to Quit Smoking

Are you trying to quit smoking? I tried for years and just couldnt shake it until I discovered the electronic cig. It was like it was heaven sent. The electronic cig is a small machine that looks like an actual cigarette. It vaporizes a liquid solution that contains nicotine. When you exhale it looks like you are breathing out smoke, but there are no carcinogens and tar with the electronic cig. You only exhale water vapor. There are many different brands out there. Some are Gamucci, Ecig Direct, and the Epuffer. The Gamucci and the Ecig are probably the most popular but there are many choices out there.

The problem with nicotine patches and gum is that you all of a sudden go from smoking many times throughout the day to not at all and many people enjoy just puffing on something. With electronic cigs you get that sensation of smoking but without the health risks. This way you can wing yourself off of cigarettes much more effectively. If you do not have the will power to quit smoking, then dont. Just try an electronic cig.

I do not think that electronic cigs should be used by anyone who does not currently smoke cigarettes because you will become addicted to nicotine. This is one of the reasons people are against electronic cigs and it is a battle that companies like Ecig Direct and Gamucci are going to have a hard time fighting. I know you are probably wondering how much one of these costs. They are actually pretty expensive. The Gamucci costs about $80 and the Ecig Direct costs about $60. If you are worried about spending this much money on something that you might not like, no problem. Just buy an electronic cig starter kit. I think that electronic cigs are the future of smoking and hopefully will save millions of lives.

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