Saturday, November 26, 2011

How Do Electronic Cigarettes Work - Quit Smoking in 6 Months

How Do Electronic Cigarettes Work

Making deep and lasting change in your life takes commitment. We have all made those New Year Resolutions only to stop following them in a few short days or weeks. We may find ourselves sneaking that cigarette or candy bar, or skipping the gym (always with a good reason) or discovering that we 'can't afford to put that money away in our savings'. Then we begin to feel like a failure. Why are we bothering to try to make a change anyway? We know we can't succeed. How Do Electronic Cigarettes Work

So our failure reinforces those beliefs that tell us we can't accomplish our goals anyway, so why bother trying. We go through this agony year after year, and each year we think this is the year we are going to be successful.

Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results is the definition of insanity! So there you are, trying again to make changes in your life and those old negative beliefs that you're just a failure are reinforced over and over. How can you break this cycle?

You'll need to put in some work and step outside your comfort zone. What happens when you are trying to make change in your life? You get uncomfortable and your internal system desires to return to the status quo, what it's used to. So you subconsciously begin to sabotage your efforts. Excuses pop up and pretty soon your on way to failure.

How can you change this cycle? Before you begin with a change of any sort, you must lay the groundwork. Let me share with you the 3 basic steps I used to quit smoking in 6 months.

1. Setting your intentions: take the time to decide what you are going to accomplish and write it down. Be specific! Here's what I wrote: I intend to be smoke free in six months. I intend to enjoy my breathing and feel wonderful oxygen going through my body. Within 6 months I will be free of tobacco in any form. How Do Electronic Cigarettes Work

2. Doing your affirmations every day: after setting your intentions clearly and specifically, you will need to affirm your intention daily. There are several ways to do this such as writing them in a journal and reading them daily, maybe even twice a day; putting them on your bathroom mirror or on the refrigerator, or in this case, on your ashtrays and cigarette packs, to remind yourself throughout the day that you are a nonsmoker. A daily affirmation might be: today I choose to be very aware of every time I reach for a cigarette. I can choose to smoke or not. I am free of the smoking habit.

3. Re-programing your subconscious: hypnosis works quite well to reprogram the subconscious and help you accomplish your goal. Other techniques you might try include making up a little jingle and singing it to your favorite tune, or devising a short chant that reinforces your choices. Singing your jingle or chanting your chant throughout the day will help convince your subconscious that you're serious about this change.

When you set an intention, you're stating to yourself and to your subconscious that this is what you want in your life. You set a purpose that directs your thoughts towards your goal.

I took aim at my habit. My intention was focused on eliminating cigarettes and I thought 6 months was a good time frame. Intention works like the arrow in archery. Out of all the possibilities in your life, you choose one thing or aspect to focus on. Using your intention, you aim at the target or goal you have in mind. When you let the arrow fly, after focusing and aiming at your goal, you will be successful.

Try it out and let me know how it works for you. Also look for the next article which takes up where this one leaves off. There are 2 more processes to go to Stop Smoking In 6 Months. How Do Electronic Cigarettes Work

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