Monday, November 7, 2011

Finding The Best Electronic Cig

If you were to gather up smokers of electronic cigarettes and ask them what the best electronic cig product there is, they'd probably give you a pretty general answer: any, or they would all have a different answer since every smoker has a different opinion on what the best electronic cig is. Just like with real tobacco cigarettes, smokers have a preference when it comes to what they think is the top e cigarette, although they'll agree on one thing: once you find your version of the top e cigarette, you'll agree that the best electronic cig is pretty much any electronic cigarette in general because of the different options available and because they don't have to give up very much once they've figured out what the best electronic cig is for them.

Smokers basically consider any e-cigarette to be the best electronic cig, as it offers benefits that traditional tobacco smokers don't even begin to offer: basically there's no competition, and the benefits of smoking traditional cigarettes is basically void when the benefits of any e-cigarette is considered, especially if it's a top e cigarette. For one, any e-cigarette, whether it's a top e cigarette or not, offers the benefits of not having extra chemicals or additives, and also saving the smoker from breathing in carcinogens from smoke. Additionally, they're not going to have to deal with the drawbacks of smoking, like the odor which leaves furniture, clothing, cars, and homes smelling of cigarette smoke, as well as giving those around them a break from second-hand smoke. Most smokers report that they just feel better in general, suddenly not experiencing smoker's cough or dealing with difficulty breathing. Their smoking repercussions are also eliminated due to the e-j uice they use, which is a liquid with nicotine in it, as well as flavor, and smokers can choose from a variety of nicotine levels and flavors of e-juice.

Depending on what kind of e-juice a smoker chooses and prefers is also what qualifies the top e cigaretteas these choices are subjective and every smoker is going to prefer a different e-juice, thus creating their own top e cigarette. One person's top e cigarette may use menthol flavored e-juice with a high nicotine level, whereas another person's top e cigarette may have nicotine free e-juice that's flavored with tastes like cherry, vanilla, strawberry or chocolate. Regardless of what a smoker chooses as a top e cigarette, the same benefits are still true: convenience either due to second hand smoke not being present, and to the fact that inhaling carcinogens and chemicals is eliminated for all, making any electronic cigarette the best electronic cig.

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