Saturday, November 12, 2011

Electronic Cigarette Stores May One Day Outnumber Tobacco Shops

It seemed like only yesterday that you opened up a magazine or saw a billboard of the Marlboro man, but it also seemed to change just as fast that these sort of ads were outlawed. Now, as if cigarettes caught up with the everything else in the world, smokeless cigarettes ads and advertisements for an electronic cigarette store are now in the place of these kinds of ads, and once again, cigarettes are creating a buzz around the world.

Within the last five years, traditional tobacco cigarettes had a huge decline in popularity. Due to more and more research surrounding the dangers of smoking tobacco, combined with celebrities failing to endorse tobacco products and people testifying to the dangers of them, tobacco cigarettes quickly saw a decline in sales. Additionally, non-smokers were finally finding a voice and stating that they didn't want to smell cigarettes anymore, and that they didn't feel they should have to be subjected to the smell of cigarette smoke if they weren't smokers, nor should they have to subjected to the dangers of cigarette smoke. Smokeless cigarettes seemed to be the answer for everyone: smokers were able to continue getting their nicotine fix, and non-smokers were able to breathe smoke free air. Non-smokers who were once advocating for the eradication of tobacco cigarettes were now, for the most part, okay with smokeless cigarettes, and it seemed that even non-smokers could be fou nd shopping an electronic cigarette store to buy e-cig kits for their friends and family who were smokers; that's how much they didn't mind the smokeless cigarettes.

It's not uncommon to see an electronic cigarette store now in the place of tobacco stores: there are certainly plenty of people out there who wouldn't mind seeing all tobacco stores shut down permanently, and most would probably be happier with an electronic cigarette store in the place of every tobacco shop. E-cig kits are flying off the shelves of wherever they're sold, and every smoker has a reason that they prefer smokeless cigarettes. Some smokers buy e-cig kits so that they can cut down on the amount that they smoke, whereas others just want to be able to smoke anywhere they want, so they buy e-cig kits that are equipped with supplies for the long haul: full of e-liquid and refillable e-cigarette cartridges, so the e-cig kits are about as good as buying ten or more cartons of cigarettes. Most of these e-cig kits can be bought starting at around $30, so for most smokers, there really isn't a huge price difference, and it in fact saves most people money.

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