Thursday, November 10, 2011

Electronic Cigarette Store Opens Doors In Florida

In Cape Coral Florida, the first electronic cigarette store in south western Florida opened its doors and is experiencing quite a bit of success from dedicated smokeless cigarettes customers, often referred to as electronic cigarettes. People were actually lined up outside of the door, waiting to get inside so they could either see what all of the craze was about and buy e-cig kits or to buy their smokeless cigarettes if they're already fans of them, grateful to have a local location to go to instead of having to scour different tobacco stores, gas stations, and grocery stores in order to find smokeless cigarettes, which for some, has been a challenge since smokeless cigarettes have had a slow rise to popularity initially, but once many discovered the varying benefits, smokeless cigarettes began to become the number one replacement for tobacco cigarettes and people began to order e-cig kits in a frenzy to see the smokeless cigarettes that were changing the way people smoke d forever. Once they found smokeless cigarettes, they were usually captivated and pleased with the way the smokeless cigarettes tasted and that the non-smokers around them were satisfied with the lack of cigarette smoke smell, burn holes, and more. Of course, non-smokers were pleased to be able to kiss their loved ones for once thanks to smokeless cigarettes without having to taste an ash tray.'

So, when Cape Coral opened an electronic cigarette store, there were many waiting with anticipation to finally have a source for their regular cigarettes or to buy e-cig kits in order to provide everything they needed in order to try the cigarettes. E-Cig kits include the main piece, which looks just like a real cigarette, except instead of tobacco guts,' it has vaporizing guts', which are the parts that turn a nicotine filled liquid into a vapor the smoker then inhales, of course without the absence of toxins and chemicals found in real cigarettes.

The electronic cigarette store sold a variety of e-cig kits; some e-cig kits contained refillable electronic cigarette cartridges, while other e-cig kits contained disposable cartridges. If you buy e-cig kits with refillable cartridges, then the e-cig kits include e-liquid, and the smoker has to refill the cartridges themselves. Regardless of what kind of e-cig kits are sold, the electronic cigarette store revealed that the first day was a success, and that most of all, smokers enjoyed the absence of the typical no smoking in line' sign that usually graces the front counter, being able to puff away on their smokeless cigarettes inside the electronic cigarettes store: something not even done with tobacco cigarettes in a tobacco store.

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