Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ecigarettes, quit smoking an alternative way

If you want to find a better and more healthy way to quit smoking, then ecigarettes can be the solution to your problem, were going discuss the benefits of using ecigarettes and the main mistakes you make when trying to stop smoking.

You can simulate smoking without smoking and that is the aim of using ecigarettes, because you are already programmed with the habits that you use to smoke and because Your so used to smoking and the actions associated with smoking that its not only the smoking that your trying to quit but also the actions of (a) getting the cigarette out of the box to lighting it up and (b) even the smoke we exhale in and out and that's why the ecigarette has the design to look and feel like a real cigarette so that enables us to break out of the habit in a normal way and is a better alternative to say patches or gum.

And by the way ecigarettes have options so you can have a full strength ecigarette and then your able to slowly reduce it to half strength, minimal and finally you will be able to quit smoking.

Ecigarettes also has the benefits of the legal issues that all smokers come up against when smoking in public places as you can smoke them in bars and restaurants without any penalty which keeps you away from all the other smokers who have to go outside and there's nothing worse than trying to quit when you're around people who smoke.

There is also so much confusion with all the quit smoking aids out there, And the reason it can be so confusing is because all you really want to do is reduce the amount your smoking until you finally quit and with some of the other replacements and therapies it can be expensive and you will also find it hard to quit because with gum and patches you get an instant hit of nicotine and with the ecigarettes they emit vapours but also give you a nicotine hit in a measured dose.

I will end this article by saying if you want an alternative to quit smoking then this may well be the answer, because of the way the ecigarette works and the benefit that you can control how quickly you can kick the habit, with ecigarettes they feel like a real cigarette and your be able to puff the smoke out with the benefit of getting your nicotine hit with out damaging your body.

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