Friday, November 18, 2011

Ecigarettes are here to stay!

Ecigarettes are a new industry and many wonder if smoking bans will apply to them. Relax, they're not going anywhere. Why? The tobacco industry and their opponents both want the same thing - nicotine.

Tobacco is receiving worldwide, multi-generational unpopularity. It's growing daily, despite deals made with governments to prevent outlawing tobacco entirely. If no one buys from thesecompanies their legal status won't stop their demise.

Big tobacco needs new markets. Extracting nicotine is cheaper than making, storing and transporting cigarettes. Farmers only need to sell the addictive part of their crop to stay in business - nicotine.

Smokers wanting to quit are turning to nicotine eliquid, patches, gum, beverages, etc. Many consumers prefer ecigarettes because they can stop smoking without withdrawals. That's because at first they add nicotine in the device.

Oddly enough, public health physician groups have endorsed ecigarettes as possibly the most effective method to quit smoking yet. Governments are awaiting more research before declaring them safe.

The real obstacle to ecigarettes now is market turf wars. Some of the largest manufacturers from China have flooded the market with poor quality products which are greatly over priced. When big tobacco in America finally decides to compete with the current producers, quality affordable ecigs will be available everywhere.When that happens traditional cigarettes will quickly go the way of the dinosaur.

Have you noticed what cell phones did to the pay phone industry?Ecigarettes are that revolutionary!

Ironically, those who are quitting smoking seem to need the tobacco industry as much as those who keep smoking. In the future, I predict both sides will be praising the ecigarette.

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