Friday, November 11, 2011

Did Prince William Visit an Electronic Cigarette Store…?

It's quite possible that some of the next paparazzi photos we see of Kate Middleton and Prince William will be of them entering an Electronic Cigarette Store, as the bride received an e-cigarette starter kit as a gift, including that company's best e-juice.

Kate as been an occasional smoker, and as her wedding got closer and closer, Kate reportedly began smoking more frequently. The e-cigarette starter kit she was sent by an electronic cigarette store was in an attempt to make her give up the real tobacco cigarettes and become a loyal e-cigarette smoker.

Like many long time smokers, whether they smoked only occasionally or full time, Kate may very well become a fan of these smokeless cigarettes. Both types of smokers have taken to electronic cigarettes with more and more increasing popularity as they start to discover the many benefits these cigarettes offer.

Electronic cigarettes are run by batteries, and an atomizer gives off a water vapor, replacing real smoke every time the user takes a drag on their cigarette. They gain their flavor and strength by using whatever the smoker considers the best e-juice, which varies according to each user and what their preferred flavor and strength is.

So many people have become fans of smokeless cigarettes, frequenting Electronic Cigarette stores both online and searching for starter kits, smokeless cigarettes, and their choice for the best E-juice. Some people use electronic cigarettes in order to try and make an effort to stop smoking, while others use it as a way to replace traditional tobacco cigarettes, as the electronic cigarettes offer so many benefits. Electronic cigarettes obviously don't produce the same smell that tobacco cigarettes do, making them an attractive choice for those who are frequently around non-smokers, children, or those who want to smoke a cigarette in places where traditional smoking has been banned, especially in places like restaurants, bars, and other public locations. Additionally, electronic cigarettes last longer than tobacco cigarettes do, which means the users would have to visit an electronic cigarette store a lot less frequently than they do for tobacco cigarettes. Once one switches to electronic cigarettes, all they really have to do is find what they think is the best e-juice, and that is what helps if someone, such as Kate, were to use it in order to stop smoking or to slow down, as the user is in control of their nicotine intake.

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