Tuesday, November 1, 2011

AiR Premium Electronic Cigarette Reviews

Do you ever think of quit smoking or having a smokeless lifestyle that brings you healthier life? And more importantly, do you want to have a cost efficient life that can save you thousands? Now, it's never been easier to achieve your dreams by using the AiR Premium Electronic Cigarette. It is the best electronic cigarette which Voted #1 by smokers.

What Is AiR Premium Electronic Cigarette?

The AiR Premium Electronic Cigarette is an electronic smoking device that offers you a similar look, feel, and taste of a traditional cigarette without the health risks related to the tar and chemical substances that contain in real cigarettes. This unique device provides the consumer with the liquid nicotine through an atomizer and a cartridge powered through a battery which turns this liquid into a smokeless and waterless vapor produced from the electronic cigarette.
The AiR Premium Electronic Cigarette utilizing a revolutionary method that allows users to deliver the liquid nicotine through the electronic cigarette without a whole bunch of poisonous chemical compounds which can be usually found in traditional cigarette. Therefore you can improve your health while having the feel of smoking a cigarette.

What AiR Premium Electronic Cigarette Contains?

The AiR Premium Electronic Cigarette comes in 2 parts. First, it contains micro-electronic technology and battery. Secondly, it contains the High Technology Stainless Steel Atomizer, cartridge and mouth piece. This product comes with 4 nicotine cartridges, which equals the amount of 8 packs of cigarettes, and this is how you can save thousands of dollars. Besides, AiR Premium Electronic Cigarette package contains Electronic Lithium Rechargeable Battery and USB Charger. A full battery charge will last for about 1 day depending on smoking style. Last ly, the most important part is the manufacturer offers 60 days replacement warranty for this electronic cigarette.

Choosing the AiR Premium Electronic Cigarette will give you back the freedom to smoke at airports, hotels and cruise ships, bars and nightclubs, restaurants and cafes, anywhere you want. It provides you with a healthier smoking alternative, and saving you thousands of dollars. So, try the AiR Premium Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit today!

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