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Water Vapor Cigarette Wiki - 3 Things You Can Do That Really Work!

Water Vapor Cigarette Wiki

Millions of smokers that are desperate to quit have been assailed by many, many different things that they could put into their quit smoking plan. If you are currently a smoker, you have heard of quite a few of them. A quick tip: Most of them DO work for different people. You are probably looking for that ONE thing that will make you a non-smoker! Water Vapor Cigarette Wiki

It is easy to start puffing away on a cigarette, however, like many of millions of former smokers, you can find the right quit smoking plan. In this article we are going to look at 3 of these

I am going to start you out on a very positive note: No matter how many cigarettes you smoke during the day, whether it is 10 or 80, there is a portion of time that is spent totally smoke free! That time is spent every evening while you are asleep!

Now you may need to have a smoke in the morning, with your coffee or before of after breakfast, however you spend, usually 6 - 8 hours while your are asleep that can be used as part of your quit smoking plan.

How? It means that you CAN go for fairly long periods of time without smoking! (Give yourself a hand.)

Some of the most popular quit smoking plans that people have are: Nicotine aids, Cold Turkey and Hypnosis.

Nicotine Aids

One of the many problems that people encounter when they start to give up their cigarettes is the withdrawal symptoms from the lack of Nicotine. This presents, in the trying-to-quit smoker, as irritability and cravings for other things that may not be the best for them such as candy and other 'comfort' edibles.

To help eliminate these withdrawal symptoms, many people resort to replacement products. These products, when included in your quit smoking plan, such as nicotine gum, patches and inhalers and even, recently, a pill will help to reduce the unpleasantness of quitting. Some of these are available over-the-counter, while others need a doctor's prescription. Water Vapor Cigarette Wiki

Cold Turkey

There have been many people that have, as their quit smoking plan, going Cold Turkey, in other words, just quitting, Just Say No, or "I'm Not Going To Smoke Anymore". If you can do that, more power to you!

This method takes high motivation, is subject to a lot of failures on many people's part, and will probably give you the most satisfaction of any quit smoking plan out there!

Just remember that Nicotine addiction is a very powerful force and most be met with just as powerful will. Many people find that the writing and/or reciting of daily affirmations and the establishing of little rewards to yourself for achieving daily (or hourly) goals is an appropriate way to keep yourself on track.


Many people use cigarettes to calm themselves so it might come as a complete surprise that you c an use the same principles of calm relaxation as your quit smoking plan.

During Hypnosis, you are placed in a relaxed state, by a licensed Hypnotist, and you hear messages over and over, again, that you do not need the cigarettes that you have been relaying on to get you through the day. The messages are positive, reaffirming messages that will get your subconscious mind working on this problem, allowing you to 'know' that you do NOT need cigarettes.

You can also get powerful Cs that will accomplished the same task. There are a number of these on the market and a quick search will uncover many.

Regards of the quit smoking plan you choose, make sure that you make a commitment to seeing it through. You can be smoke free! You can get yourself out of an expensive habit that will only cause more medical bills down the line. It IS time to kick the habit!

Make this the first day of the rest of your life! Water Vapor Cigarette Wiki

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