Monday, October 31, 2011

Vapor cigarette is a life saver

The vapor cigarette operates over the process of evaporation or vaporization which ever makes it more understandable. Vaporization is the process in which a solution is heated in a way that it is converted into vapors and in this case, these vapors are made ready for consumption by a smoker.

A smokeless lifestyle is what the personal vaporizer promotes, a complete and healthy smoke free lifestyle!

The smokers often complain about their throat, breathing, stamina, and a lot of other problems and that is just a start. The truth is that smokers gradually go so far away from the charm of life that they don't realize what they are missing. Use of a vapor cigarette has made an effort to bring them back towards the attraction of a complete and healthy life.

Probably the simplest example we can try is of the sense of smell. A smoker's ability to smell gets hampered big time and he is able to smell less than a normal person can. There are numerous people who don't even feel that their sense is getting obstructed with the smoking habit. The incapacity to accurately smell is due to the dead receptor cells that are present in the sensory area of the nose. The smoke directly affects the cells that are present in the windpipe and the nasal cavity. There are cells with cilia guarding mucous membranes of the pipe. These cells block and catch the particles that are missed by the nose. All antigens are caught in the windpipe and directed out. These cilia get affected and most of the cells die due to the inhale smoke. The mucous membrane gets dried up which causes phlegm.

Vapor cigarette avoids such situations by offering a moist set of vapors to be inhaled. The liquid that the vaporizer uses is made of edible glycerin and nicotine solution. The best part of the liquid is that it is healthy, tar free, and free from all the other additives that are harmful for the body.

Switching to a vapor cigarette is not a very complicated problem; it is a simple solution since the vaporizer is a perfect imitator of the traditional smokes. The effect and the way it hits tht throat and the lungs are identical and even the vapor cloud that is left out is identical, only that it dissolves in the air immediately. It's the best choice any smoker can make.

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