Thursday, October 20, 2011

Quit Smoking For Good With Electronic Cigarettes

If you have ever tried to quit smoking cold turkey you know how hard it is. You can learn how to quit smoking for good with electronic cigarettes, quickly and easily.

What Are Electronic Cigarettes

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Electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes are a device that help you get the nicotine you need without harmful cigarettes or the use of an ugly nicotine patch.

The amazing thing about electronic cigarettes is that look and feel although you are smoking a real cigarette. When you inhale a light lights up at the end of the cigarette.

Other benefits of electronic cigarettes include being able to smoke indoors where cigarettes aren't normally allowed including the mall, bars, clubs, airports, etc. Your clothes, car, and house won't smell after you smoke!

You will also avoid getting yellow teeth, bad breath and bad skin by switching to electronic cigarettes.

How Do Can I Use Electronic To Quit Smoking For Good?

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It's simple really. Electronic cigarettes come with cartridges with different levels of nicotine in them ranging from strong to zero. In order to quit smoking simply stop smoking cigarettes and then start smoking electronic cigarettes with your desired level of nicotine in them.

Then continue to smoke while decrease the amount of nicotine that you are smoking until you reach zero. That's all! Giving your opportunity to slow wean off cigarettes versus going cold turkey will ensure t hat you quit smoking for good.

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