Saturday, October 1, 2011

Green Smoke eCigarettes VS Other Electronic Cigarette Brands

The Green Smoke brand of eCigarettes is a very popular electronic cigarette device used by thousands of people who prefer it to smoking regular cigarettes and / or as a smoking alternative . There are many reasons people choose Green Smoke over other electronic cigarettes, which we will be discussing below.

Green Smoke eCigarette Construction VS Other Electronic Cigarettes

One of the main reasons people choose Green Smoke over other brands is because of its high quality. In addition, most ecigs are made with three parts which include the battery, an atomizer and a cartridge. Green Smoke uses only two parts which include the battery and the "cartomizer" which combines the atomizer and a cartridge into one unit.

The advantage over the single unit cartomizer is it much easier to use and it is far less messy. There is no filling of liquids, etc. It comes pre-filled. You just have to screw it onto your ecig battery and you are r eady to go.
Green Smoke eCigs Look and Feel VS Other Electronic Cigarettes

Another reason people prefer this brand, is its superiority in look and feel of regular cigarette. This brand is about the same length as a regular cigarette, while other brands can come in all shapes and sizes. Some even look like a bolt you use in construction. In addition, GreenSmoke tastes and gives the sensation of "smoking" better than other brands. It produces more vapor, even on the exhale.

Green Smoke Freshness and Taste VS Other Electronic Cigarettes

Finally, many people prefer this brand because, again, the cartomizer is always fresh and new when you change it out. With other brands, the atomizer is used over and over again and can pick up a stale taste. In addition, brands that have atomizers also have cartridges that can be re-used. These cartridges are sometimes reused too many times, causing a stale taste.

Plus, thi s brand offers different flavors for their cartomizers like regular tobacco, menthal, vanilla, chocolate, coffee, strawberry and apple. Their dedicated customers enjoy the ability to choose different flavors. Most other ecigs come in only one or two flavors.

All in all, it is easy to see why many people choose this brand over other electronic cigarettes.

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