Monday, October 10, 2011

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The electronic cigarette is a new and exciting innovation that is sweeping the nation.

Not only is the electronic cigarette safe to use, it has proven a "quit smoking" aid for some users. The electronic cigarette comes in a variety of nicotine levels and flavors. The nicotine levels is what help smokers curb their nicotine craving. They start out in the high level electronic cigarette cartridge and gradually reduce their level to the no nicotine electronic cigarette cartridge level. This is a powerful tool for regular smokers because they are getting the same relaxing effect from the nicotine without the harmful carcinogens, while actually feeling like they are actual smoking cigarettes , when in retrospect it is water vapor emitting from the electronic cigarette.

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The water vapor emitting from the electronic cigarette smoker looks like actual second hand smoke, but the reality of it is water vapor. This science from the electronic cigarette allows users to use their electronic cigarette where ever they want. Changing laws are making it more and more difficult to fulfill the nicotine craving in public and sometimes private places. Calabasas, California recently applied a new ordinance that prohibits smokers from lighting up in public places such as parks, in front of restaurants, and even in your own front yard. In the near future casinos, hotel rooms, and even your car will be banned nation wide. The future will no longer be in the hand of the consumer, but mearly the evolving laws and regulations that govern us as a society on cigarette smoking and eventually the electronic cigarette.

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For the technology of the electronic cigarette and the innovation the price of an electronic cigarette is fairly reasonable ranging from brand to brand. Check out manyelectronic cigarettes storesfor great quality, and great prices on the electronic cigarette.

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