Monday, October 17, 2011

Choosing a Vapor Cigarette

The vapor cigarette is a new enough product that there are many competing designs on the market. Which e cigarette is right for you is really a matter of preference. There are compact models for those who don't vaporize that much and who just need something convenient to carry. There are also very long models available, sometimes called pen-style vaporizers, that have larger batteries and that hold more fluid, providing a longer smoke. There are also differences in how these devices activate and, for some vapor fans, that is the most important part of the choice.

At first, just about every vapor cigarette was equipped with a button that triggered the heating element. This has advantages and disadvantages. The main disadvantage is that it adds another part to the device and, of course, more parts mean more opportunities for failures. Another disadvantage is that the button can accidently be depressed in a pocket or purse, causing the cigarette to burn off the flu id that provides the vapor. The main advantage is that there's no delay in getting vapor when you start drawing on the device and this is important to some e cigarette smokers.

Some vapor cigarette designs trigger by way of a pressure switch. This is activated when your draw on the cigarette generates enough pressure to bring the contacts in the switch together. This has become the most common way that e cigs initialize. It has the advantage of not being prone to going off when you're not taking a drag, as button designs sometimes do. It has the disadvantage of the lag between drawing on the device and getting vapor. Usually, getting used to this is just a matter of technique and most people are fine with these devices once they get used to them.

A vapor cigarette may come with several different nicotine cartridge options. Some of them can be refilled and some cannot. Generally, the types that can be refilled are referred to as cartridges and they attac h to an atomizer. An all-in-one cartridge is usually called a cartomizer and is sometimes chosen because of its convenience. There are some cartomizers that can be refilled, though they're usually not designed for this purpose. If you're shopping around for one of these popular devices, remember that your preferences are paramount in making a good decision as the technology is generally good all around.

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