Friday, September 23, 2011

A Unique Smoking Experience with Smokeless Cigarettes

The best electronic cigarette is able to effectively mimic the effects that are produced by tobacco cigarettes. One of the differences between the best electronic cigarette and tobacco cigarettes is that there is no use of combustion with electric cigarettes. No smoke or tobacco will ever be found inside electronic cigarettes. With smokeless cigarettes that use e-liquid there is never any risk from second hand smoke. The second hand smoke that is caused from tobacco cigarettes is just as dangerous as the smoke that is directly inhaled by the smoker.

The vapor that is produced by electronic cigarettes is a simple water vapor. Smokers have the choice of an e-liquid that contains nicotine, and an e-liquid that is nicotine-free. This vapor looks very much like the smoke that comes from tobacco cigarettes. The truth is the vapor is a simple formulation of ionized air. This e-liquid solution is act ually created from a food additive, and comes in the form of refill cartridges that go into the filter section of an electronic cigarette. When a smoker takes a puff from an electric cigarette, it initiates the atomizer to heat the e-liquid which then produces the smoke-like vapor that the smoker inhales. The best electronic cigarette will have thick vapor for a throaty hit.

Individuals who do not smoke but want to try out a smokeless cigarette will find that the formulations containing zero nicotine are going to work best for them. Many smokers prefer to have their e-liquid formulated with flavor, because this adds to the total positive experience felt with e-cigs. Nicotine is the main chemical that smokers are trying to obtain when they smoke a tobacco cigarette. This chemical can be obtained using electronic cigarettes, and it is the main chemical that gives smokers that fix they long for. Smoking tobacco cigarettes bring a pe rson much closer to an early death with each and every puff they take.

The best electronic cigarette is not meant to cure the addiction people have to tobacco cigarettes, and is also not meant to be any form of treatment either through the use of an e-liquid containing nicotine. They are simply an alternative way to smoke that many find fun and unique. Allowing the formulation they use to be produced with or without nicotine simply adds incentive for current tobacco smokers to give them a try. Smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes also greatly reduces the quality of the atmosphere. Second hand smoke is the main reason why many public establishments no longer allow individuals to smoke tobacco cigarettes in them. The best electronic cigarette can easily be smoked in any establishment allowing for the ultimate free smoking experience.

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