Friday, September 16, 2011

The Parallel Universe of Electronic Cigarette Smoking

So you're a smoker. Now imagine what it would be like to smoke freely in your home. In your car. In your office at your desk. Imagine even being able to sneak into the bathroom at work to smoke a cigarette and knowing that you wouldn't be caught, and that even if you were, there would barely be any repercussion (depending on where you work of course.)

This is a reality for some people, and no, it's not a dream or a parallel universe where everyone in the entire world smokes cigarettes. Instead, it's all a reality because electronic cigarettes exist. Since electronic cigarettes have been introduced to the world, being able to smoke freely and openly without leaving even the slightest hint of a cigarette smell or ash is totally feasible and is a reality.

If you're a smoker and you automatically thought, �there's no way I could switch to electronic cigarettes, it wouldn't be the same', you're not the first to think that, but according to many smokers that have made the switch to electronic cigarettes, you're actually not right in thinking it's that different.


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