Sunday, September 25, 2011

Green Smoke Review: Cheapest Safest Electronic Cigarette?

Since the beginning of the year, several events have allowed electronic cigarettes like Green Smoke to become an extremely popular quit smoking tool. Like any new industry, the electronic cigarette market is getting a lot of attention from the federal and state governments. This is because these devices are both safer and cheaper than regular cigarettes.

So what about Green Smoke electronic cigarettes in particular makes them so safe, and so inexpensive? While the full Green Smoke review complete with user comments explains in detail, the primary reasons are obvious: 1) No burning or smoke, 2) No tobacco regulation/taxes, and 3) Excellent value on Nicotine content per cartridge.

Vapor is No Smoke

Extensive studies of tobacco explain how cigarettes actually contain somewhere around 400 chemicals fresh out of the pack. But when burned, cigarette smoke is said to release over 4000! While some of these substances may be harmless, simple math and common knowledge tells us that there are also several carcinogens in the mix. With electronic cigarettes like Green Smoke, however, the only substances inhaled are pure Nicotine vapor, flavoring, and glycol. Glycol is a benign substance used in cake mixes and fog machines etc. So although studies on electronic cigarettes are few, we still know they must be safer.

The Regulations and Tax Trap

The multibillion dollar cigarette business has long been the target of governments that justify heavy taxes with health risks associated with tobacco smoke. Electronic cigarette companies, however, do not fall into this trap. As a court ruled in January of 2010, the FDA can only regulate tobacco and quit smoking products, not Nicotine itself. So the market is still safe from burdensome laws and fees.

Straight Nicotine at an Excellent Price

With Green Smoke, replacement cartridge value is one of the best selling points. Many compare the electronic cigarette market to the computer printer market. While you may find a cheap printer to start with, refill ink cartridges run out quick and cost nearly half the price of the unit itself. The same is true for electronic cigarettes. While companies like Blu Cig sell a cheap starter kit, you'll quickly spend the difference on replacement Nicotine cartridges. This is why Green Smoke is such an cost-effective competitor.

Electronic Cigarette Comparisons

Personal research is the key to any new purchase, and electronic cigarettes are no exception. Make sure you compare the pricing around the market before you make your decision. And with careful consideration, you'll find the electronic cigarette that will last for your lifetime. Start your search today at

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