Monday, September 26, 2011

The Green Smoke Cigarette Review

The Green Smoke cigarette is one of the most popular brands of smokeless cigarettes and for good reason. Green Smoke has gone to a lot of trouble in designing an electronic cigarette that replicates quite faithfully the experience of smoking an analog cigarette. The simple two piece design eliminates a lot of the problems normally associated with the standard three piece ecig format.

The typical three piece design of most ecigs consist of:

The Battery An Atomizer The Nicotine Cartridge

The Green Smoke Cigarette design comes with only two pieces:

The Battery An Atomizer and Cartridge combined (Often called a "carbonizer")

So what does the two piece design offer that the three-piece doesn't?
Well the most important part of any "smokeless cigarette" is the amount of vapor that the electronic cigarette can produce. This is the essential feature of artificial cigarettes that allow them to simulate as closely as possible the feeling of smoking a real cigarette. And what dictates the amount of vapor produced? The atomizer!

3-piece designed ecigs allow for the atomizer to be reused over and over again. This leads to clogging and reduced vapor. The Green Smoke 2-piece design means that every time you replace the cartridge/carbonizer; you have a new atomizer which results in maximum vapor every time.

The Green Smoke carbonizers are a little more expensive than the separate nicotine cartridges sold by other manufacturers, but the price is still far cheaper than buying real cigarettes (a single Green Smoke carbonizer is equivalent to between 20 30 cigarettes).

With the 2-piece design you may find that your "vaping" experience is far more satisfying than some cheaper 3-piece options. (If you can't blow rings, then what's the point)!

We've found that the Green Smoke Cigarette is the hands one of the best starter kits for someone new to vaping. Because of its high vapor output, simple design and solid battery life, it makes an ideal first electronic cigarette.

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