Friday, September 30, 2011

Electronic Cigarette Brands — What Are Your Options?

Electronic cigarettes are slowly making their way into popular culture; especially with the advent of prominent figures, including celebrities, being seen walking around smoking these so-called "smoke anywhere" cigarettes. And why not, electronic cigarettes are a good way to kick the habit.

Part of what makes e-cigarettes a top choice for those trying to quit smoking is that it still has that cigarette-in-hand (and mouth) feeling, not to mention, the "smoke."

Because of its popularity, many companies have decided that e-cigs are the wave of the future. Today, there are a good 30 to 40 (especially in the United States) different brands of electronic cigarettes all vying for the top share in the market. Of course it will be impossible (and boring) to list all of them, so the following is a summary of some of the most widely-used.

If you have decided to go through the e-cigarette route (good for you), below are some of the products you will s urely encounter in whatever review, recommendation, and conversation you come across after reading this.
The Safe Cig

The Safe Cig is a brand of the American LJR Group, LLC. They offer free shipping in the US and guarantees all orders delivered within 24 hours. Their products that mimic normal cigarette stick sizes and cigars. They offer 3 flavors for their atomized cartridges namely classic tobacco, traditional, and menthol, and 3 levels of nicotine starting from 18 mg all the way to 0 mg.


V2 is also a very popular brand of electronic cigarettes; they offer a number of starter kit options which may impress the wannabe e-cig smoker. Add to that, their cigs also have LED lights at the end to mimic and add to that cigarette-burn experience. Another unique thing about V2 is that they offer non-traditional candy-like flavors like cherry, vanilla, and chocolate.

Green Smoke

Green Smoke claims they are "the best electronic cigarette company on the internet." Bold as it may be, they do offer a unique 30-day money back guarantee for any of their starter kits. They also stress on the fact that their construction is only composed of 2 components-the white part holds the battery and the "filter" part holds atomizer, nicotine pad, and cartridge which are all disposable.

blu cigs

Made exclusively by Johnson Creek, blu cigs has one of the lowest starter kits available. They also recently added a 30-day money back guarantee, plus a one year guarantee. They also offer and claim to be the only company offering a carrying case that mimics a real cigarette pack.

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