Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Can You Really Be Electronic Cigarette Smoking Anywhere?

So now that it looks like the electronic cigarette's will be sticking around for a while the questions many have been asking is; Can you really be smoking these electronic cigarette's anywhere? I say the answer is "Yes, as long as you make wise choices and don't cause attention to yourself in un-appropriate ways".

Just be realistic about it. If your in the middle of a big fancy restaurant that charges $100+ a plate and doesn't allow smoking you might get a the whole place staring and talking about you before the waiter comes and tells you to put it out. Even by then it would be best to just put it away instead of continuing causing a scene.

On the other hand if it's past midnight and your at a cheap 24 hour Diner with a few late night folks but casual atmosphere I say by all means, smoke away. This is where it probably won't draw too much negative attention and the waiter probably won't care once you give a brief explanation of how it works. Once they realize that there is no smell or actual smoke they usually are ok with it.

The question most asked is; Can you smoke them in airports or on airplanes? When using an electronic cigarette at the airport it is best to find a bar or coffee lounge. You might tell them before you use it just so they don't think it is a cigarette automatically. I don't mean tell each and everyone in the place either, telling your bartender would probably be sufficient.

As far as smoking them on an airplane, unless you own it, I would not advise using it unless you make sure the stewardess and folks closest to sitting around you know what is going on with your electronic cigarette smoking. If you get the negative vibe about using it on the plane you can always take it with you in the restroom without fear of setting any smoke alarms because it is only vapor. The idea is to be courteous and cautious when using the e-cigarette and you will most likely be able to use them almost anywhere.

If you want to find more information I recommend visiting this SmokeStik review or Green Smoke review for high quality 2-piece design. There are many electronic cigarette providers selling leaky 3-piece designs that require more work to use than worth while in my opinion. Some cheaper models will also have you spend more replacing the atomizer all the time as well. I use Green Smoke most of the time but SmokeStik has worked well for me too, I keep it as back-up in my car sometimes.

I hope you enjoy electronic cigarette smoking anywhere you possibly can with a little conscience effort and informing the public I wouldn't be surprised to see them in places all the time. It will look just like it did twenty years ago when people smoked just about anywhere in public without hesitating. Only now people will be vaping with electronic cigarette's instead!

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