Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Second Hand Smoke-Free Cigarettes Are Finally Here!

Tired of hearing your friends and family complain about the second hand smoke they are exposed to when you light up a cigarette? Are you constantly finding yourself standing outside alone to smoke a cigarette in the wind, rain, snow, and cold? Finally ready to give all that up and smoke indoors, without second hand smoke? The answer is finally here. Electronic cigarettes provide the perfect solution for the smoker who feels excluded or worries about the affect second hand smoke has on those around them.

What Are Electronic Cigarettes?
Electronic cigarettes are quite simply a cigarette that has a cartridge which can be filled with E-juice. When smoking the cigarette there is no second hand smoke, simply water vapor. No more needing to find a light, simply turn the cigarette on and begin enjoying. Electronic cigarettes are charged as needed. They have the texture and appearance of a traditional cigarette meaning the utmost satisfaction for the smoker, while being safer for all involved.

Trying to Quit Smoking?
E cigarettes are great for those who are trying to quit smoking. Since E-Juice comes in a wide variety of flavors, including nicotine free, quitting has never been easier. The smoker can simply choose to fill his or her cartridge with nicotine-free E-Juice, and begin puffing away. Since you are actually doing the act of smoking, it will help to curb the cravings. Non nicotine E-Juice comes in a variety of flavors including a tobacco flavor, fooling your taste-buds, and many fruit flavors whatever your pallet desires.

Save Your Hard Earned Money
Think about how much is spent everyday by smokers buying a pack of cigarettes. The average cost of a pack of cigarettes is almost $6. Even if you only smoke 1 pack a day that is $42 a week. With Electronic cigarettes the cost is much less. Not only are you only purchasing one starter kit, you then only have to purchase the E-Juice and cartridges as required. These are much cheaper than a months work of cigarettes. Everyone is having a hard time lately, so use your money wisely while continuing to enjoy your cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes are perfect for so many reasons. There is no second hand smoke, making it 100% safe for those nearby. The wide variety of flavors of E-juice that is available for electronic cigarettes mean finding your favorite could not be easier.


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